Trip ideas

In the form of short stories, passed on to us by satisfied customers, we want to inspire everyone, who feel the need to explore, or maybe you only came for an advice, with which you’ll find suggestions for fulfilling yours travelling dreams.


The time is running, the boss is annoying, traffic congestions everywhere, the city flooded by tourists.

Should we go on vacation? Hell yes!

Four persons, four personalities, four wishes, one country from Pomurje to the Adriatic. The journey has begun.

Hm, what should we take on our journey? Swimwear, towels, čevapčiči (of course also a salad for our special girl), schnapps, backpack, mountain boots and of course a flashlight for visiting the Soča valley at night. And yes, we haven’t forgotten about the homemade sausage and beer when we’ve departed on our journey at night. Waiting for the sun rise in Prekmurje, the motorhome’s engine is off and off we go to discover the eastern boundaries of our beautiful country on our bikes. And after that we’re going across all Slovene regions with our motorhome; Peca, Vršič, Kolpa and Soča. Off to Duplek in the forenoon to ride our wakeboard and in the afternoon to Raceland to drive GoKarts.

This time we don’t care where we’ll sleep since our ‘house’ is always with us. On top of a hill with a view or maybe next to a river in a place where we occasionally hear tractors besides the birds and where the morning sun invites us for a walk.

In the end we didn’t even forget about the pedolino with which we went from San Simon to the lighthouse. We’re watching the last sunset of our journey from Sečovelje Saltworks and afterwards we step on the gas to get us back home.



We’re a family that spends vacations on festivals. When our boys were younger, our car used to be enough for the whole family to manage going to the closest festival with all of our equipment.

But with time our boys grew and so did our equipment load. It’s clear as day that we’ve outgrown the car for our journey, even though it might seem spacious at first glance. There are a lot of different festivals all over Europe, luckily only a few seem to catch our attention, but even fewer are actually good. So the choice of where and when is not a problem.

In Portugal there’s a festival called Boom Festival every two years, which is why we would depart towards eastern middle part of Portugal, to lake Idanha-a-Nova, where the Boom Festival is at for about a week.

On the way to Portugal we would travel from north Italy to Geneva, continue our way by the picturesque coast of Italy, on to the south coast of France through Monaco, Nico, Cannes, travel by the coastal part of south France all the way to Figueres in Spain, where we spend the night and the next day, visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum. After lunch we continue our way through north central Spain by Zaragoza and capital city Madrid. Maybe we afford ourselves a short break in Madrid, depends on the tiredness and current mood. We arrive to Boom Festival in late evening hours, rest through the night and the search for a proper place to set up our temporary home in the morning.

We like to arrive to festivals at least a few days earlier, otherwise it can be hard to find a good camping spot that is not too far away from the event. Besides, we like to observe the set up of big events and the arrival of people, whose numbers multiply by the hour. We like to observe what’s going on behind the scenes of the festival, to see how things are made and how much work everything takes, even in the last hours before the event. When the ‘grand opening ceremony’ finally happens, there are performers, jugglers, acrobatic performances, fire shows, workshops, lectures, dance, music, good food and also endless lines of people waiting for the toilet, drinks, showers and so on, but you can start talking to other people from all over the world and your turn comes very quickly.

The week of the festival ends just as quickly and what is nicer than to know, that the journey doesn’t end with that?

We gladly continue towards Lisbon and the coast of Portugal, where we settle down somewhere isolated and enjoy a few days by the sea, before we set out on new adventures, that are waiting for us on the way home. - Najem avtodoma - Trip - Najem avtodoma - Trip - Najem avtodoma - Trip - Najem avtodoma - Trip - Najem avtodoma - Trip ideas



We want to go to a dog race! Yes, you heard me right.

For the weekend we’d set out to Hungary where we would compete in bikejoring and cannicross with our dogs, but what’s even nicer, is that everyone could go, even our youngest two-year old girl, because the motorhome would offer comfort during the whole trip. We would enjoy, sing songs, even draw or read something. We would stop by lake Balaton, then afford a nice walk and a light lunch.

Then we would set out to the race, park at the motorhome parking, relax and enjoy the events around us. In the evening, we’d be tired from everything and easily fall asleep, thinking where our motorhome will take us tomorrow.

After a successful competition, we’d depart back home the next day and stop by a lake or any local sights, later returning home full of memories and good impressions.

It would’ve been a really wonderful weekend. ?


[SHORT GUIDE] Thinking of going on a trip across Europe? ? - Najem avtodoma - Trip ideas - Najem avtodoma - Trip ideas - Najem avtodoma - Trip ideas



We’ve prepared a short guide for you on how to travel, with a suggestion of visiting the capital city of Czech Republic (with a few attached pictures from our visit).


What do we need for a trip like that?

  • Motorhome
  • Group of adventurers
  • Map
  • Insurance
  • An idea of where to go

How to start?

With a plan of course. It’ll be required to set up a path, take care of comfort during the trip, plan visits of natural attractions and cultural sights, food and where to set up for the night? -Here we are interested only in locations where you might even sleep for free with your motorhome overnight. More:

We advise you to help yourself with the following:

And of course, the most important! WHOM to travel with?

The real fellow traveller for an adventure like this is the one, whom we share similar thoughts and ideas with, so the journey is ideal for families, friends and maybe even future partners.

Dare more, towards new adventures! team