Freedom of movement

Do you want to explore, discover new corners, feel the pulse of cities?
With a motorhome, you have it all in one trip. Completely free, easy and simple.
We are a family business and a few friends where everyone does what they know best.
Matej has been running a car service for over 20 years, but because he is always interested in new things, he has upgraded his love of means of transport to renting out motorhomes.
It takes care of the smooth operation of motorhomes, detailed explanation and repair of all the little things that are an integral part of the use of motorhomes.
Marta makes sure that the agreements are always clear and correct.
Sabi comes to the rescue when necessary or when the season is in full swing.
It’s a great combination to make your motorhome adventure really the way it should be.
Our mission is to bring motorhome exploration closer to as many people as possible, as it offers incredible opportunities.
Still wondering why take this opportunity for a great adventure?
An educational infographic has been prepared for you.
Check it out below! - Najem avtodoma - About us