Traveling with a motorhome is very free, you are not tied to one place and if you want to feel the pulse of several places or see something interesting, the experience with a motorhome is the most beautiful thing.

A motorhome is a great choice for families with young children, including babies. Mainly because you can cook lunch or prepare a snack at any time. There is also more space in the motorhome for all drivers, cushions, canoes and trucks. 🙂

What is the rental price per day, what are the costs of preparing a motorhome and what is the security deposit.

Preparation costs include toilet chemicals, degradable toilet paper, a full gas cylinder, a detailed explanation of the motorhome, a test drive and a full tank of fresh water.

The deposit or security deposit is different for each motorhome and represents the amount of the deductible deductible. In the event that the motorhome is returned undamaged and in the same condition as at the time of collection, the full amount of the deposit is returned to the tenant.

The motorhome can be picked up at the address Luče 48a, 1290 Grosuplje or by prior arrangement and against payment also elsewhere in Slovenia or in neighboring cities.

Price of collection and return by cities:
Ljubljana 80 EUR
Maribor 180 EUR
Graz 250 EUR
Klagenfurt 180 EUR
Zagreb 180 EUR
Reka 220 EUR
Pula 250 EUR
Trieste 180 EUR
Venice 350 EUR

You can. Please let us know in advance.

The motorhome must be returned at the agreed time and in the same condition as you received it.

The period of the high season applies to:

  • from and including 26. 04. up to and including 06. 05.
  • from and including 21. 06. up to and including 31. 08.
  • from and including 25.10. up to and including 04. 11.
  • from and including 20. 12. up to including 2. 1. 2023

The rest applies to the low season.

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