1. The service contains renting a motorhome for a predetermined number of days. When you confirm your booking request you pay for your rental in two instalments. The first payment 40% is made when confirming the reservation and the second payment is made 30 days before the departure date.
  2. In the case of returning the motorhome before the end date of the rental period, the price stated in the Agreement remains valid. In the event that the motorhome is not returned on time, late fees will be charged in the amount of 40 EUR per each late hour, unless it was previously agreed otherwise.
  3. The price includes a limited number of kilometres, which is 350 per day. . If the lessee exceeds said mileage, a surcharge will be added in the amount of 0.30 EUR per additional kilometre.
  4. The preparation price is 80 EUR, which includes toilet chemicals, biodegradable toilet paper, a full bottle of gas and a test drive.
  5. The basic price does not include fuel, cleaning, bed linen and towels.
  6. Any traffic offences committed during the rental of the motorhome shall be borne by the lessee.


1. No later than on the pick up of the camper, the lessee must pay the security deposit in cash to the lessor in the amount of 1000.00 EUR to cover the following costs:

  • deductibles and loss of no-claims bonus for liability insurance in case of an accident,
  • minor exterior and interior damage to the motorhome,
  • missing equipment
  • delays in the return of the vehicle,
  • damages that are not included in the liability insurance,
  • travel expenses for transporting the motorhome from the company headquarters to the authorised service centre.

2. If the vehicle is undamaged upon return, the security deposit shall be returned in full within 4 days of returning the vehicle.


  1. The lessee has the right to cancel the motorhome rental in writing. In this case, the lessor has the right to be reimbursed for the cancellation cost, the amount of which depends on the time of lessee’s cancellation.

2. In the event that the state bans travel outside the municipalities or to all neighbouring countries (due to force majeure) the entire rental is postponed free of charge to another date according to the tenant’s wishes and in accordance with the availability of the motorhome, season and rental prices. In all other cases, the conditions set out in point 3 of this Article shall apply.

  1. Booking cancellation is depending on the date of cancellation:
  • If the booking is cancelled more than 30 days before the start of the rental period – 40 % of the rental sum,
  • If the booking is cancelled between 15 and 30 days before the start of the rental period – 60 % of the rental sum,
  • If the booking is cancelled less than 15 days before the start of the rental period – 100 % of the rental sum.
  1. In the event that the lessee does not collect the motorhome, this is regarded as a cancellation after the beginning of the rental period and the lessor reserves the right to retain the entire amount of the rent sum.
  2. If the lessee discontinues his journey at his own request earlier than specified in the Agreement, the lessor is not obligated to reimburse the cost of the remaining rental period.


1. The motorhome is collected after 3 p.m. on the first date of the rental period or in accordance with a prior agreement.

2. Return of the motorhome is carried out by 10 a.m. on the last day of the rental period. Only in this case do the date of collection and the date of return count as one day of motorhome rental.

3. Extension of the rental period is not possible without prior agreement. Collection and transfer of the motorhome is carried out at the company headquarters at Luče 48a, 1290 Grosuplje or can also be arranged elsewhere for an additional charge. Additional charges are written on our webpage https://odhod.si/.

4. The motorhome must be returned cleaned inside, with a full tank of fuel, with both the waste water tank and the toilet cassette emptied.

5. In the event that the fuel tank is not full, the lessee is charged the cost of fuel based on Petrol’s daily price list for a full tank of gas.

6. If the lessee returns the motorhome uncleaned or without keys, he is liable for:

  • 20 EUR for external cleaning,
  • 40 EUR for interior cleaning,
  • 40 EUR for toilet cleaning,
  • 400 EUR for lost keys
  • 200 EUR for lost documents of the motorhome (car license, insurance cards, insurance policy, service book, other documentation).
  1. At the takeover the entire camper (equipment, mechanics, bodywork, engine, etc.) are checked, the working of the devices in the camper is checked, the camper is photographed, which is considered as a takeover record. The pictures identify all the defects, the missing equipment, the damage of the camper.
  2. The renter is responsible for all deficiencies and damages that were not detected at the time of the takeover.
  3. In case of delay of the motorhome redelivery caused by force majeure, the lessee is obliged to notify the lessor by phone, state the reason for the delay and approximate time of the motorhome redelivery.


1. On the first day of the rental period, the driver (or drivers) of the motorhome has to be at least 23 years old and must have held a valid driving licence for a minimum of three years.

2. The driver (or drivers) commits himself not to consume alcoholic beverages before and while driving and not to drive under the influence of substances that decrease psychomotor abilities (medicines, drugs, etc.). Otherwise, the insurance company will not cover the cost and will not provide liability coverage.

3. Driver (or drivers) was never convicted of a criminal offence and is not charged with a crime in a criminal procedure.

4. By signing this Agreement, the driver confirms the accuracy of the information provided.


1. The lessee obliges himself to use the motorhome exclusively for tourist purposes, and by no means for any illegal purposes.

2. The lessee must not use the motorhome:

  • for driving on unpaved and gravel roads that place an above-average burden on the engine, chassis, wheels, tires and other vital parts of the motorhome,
  • for transporting more than the permitted or agreed-upon number of passengers,
  • for towing other vehicles or trailers,
  • for participating in motorcycle rallies or using the motorhome as a test vehicle
  • for the transportation of dangerous substances, explosive, combustible, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances,
  • to transport weapons, drugs and the like,
  • to lease the motorhome to third persons,
  • to drive through dangerous areas.

3.  The lessee and the rest of the passengers are strictly prohibited from smoking in any part of the motorhome, entering with shoes with rough soles, jumping from the bed to the floor, and using the vehicle carelessly or negligently. In case of infringement of this article, the lessor is entitled to reimbursement for all costs arising in connection with this article.

4. In case of violating the smoking ban in the motorhome, the lessee is obliged to pay for the cleaning of the motorhome in the amount of 300 EUR.

5. Transport of pets must be discussed by prior arrangement.


1. The motorhome can be used for travelling to all European countries except for those where travelling is undesired for some reasons. Travelling to these countries is permissible only with the lessor’s prior agreement and adequate motorhome insurance.

2. In the case of travelling to a country where there is a higher risk of theft, break-in or other damage that might be caused to the motorhome, the lessee has to provide for adequate security and protection of the motorhome.


1. In the event of motorhome failure during the rental period, the lessee shall attempt to repair the vehicle at the nearest authorised service by prior arrangement with the lessor. If the failure occurred through no fault of the lessee, he must present the lessor with an original invoice when returning the vehicle. The invoice has to state the lessor as the customer. Only in this case shall the lessor reimburse the cost incurred by the lessee.

2. The lessee obliges himself that he will, in the event of an incident (road accident, theft, break-­in, parking damage etc.), report the potential damage on the motorhome to the police (that has jurisdiction in the country where the accident occurred), obtain a police report, take photos of the accident and immediately call the lessor.

3. If damage occurs which cannot be rectified immediately, the lessee obliges himself to notify the lessor immediately and provide a detailed description of the damage.

4. The lessee has to hand over the appropriate documentation and attach a sketch of the damage to the motorhome. The Accident report has to include the names and personal identification data of all accident participants.

5. In the case of traffic accidents due to driver’s drunk driving, all costs are borne by the lessee.


1. The motorhome has compulsory and comprehensive insurance.


1. The motorhome may be used exclusively by the lessee stated in the Agreement.

2. The lessee must observe traffic regulations, otherwise additional complications can arise in the case of accidents with the traffic police and later the insurance company.

3. The lessee shall be liable for the value of the liability insurance deductible when the damage is the lessee’s fault and is also liable for the lessor’s cost of loss of no-claims bonus.

4. The lessee bears unlimited responsibility in the case that damage is caused by an unauthorised driver, excessive load and by any other prohibited way of usage.

5. In case the insurance company refuses to pay for any reason, the lessee is obliged to cover the damage.

6. The lessee bears responsibility for damages not originating from a traffic accident.

7. When leaving the motorhome, the lessee obliges himself to have the documents and motorhome keys always on him, to lock up the motorhome according to instructions. Otherwise the insurance company will not cover the cost arising from motorhome theft, which means the lessee has to cover all costs himself.

8. The lessee has to use the motorhome with due care and attention.


1. The lessor ensures that the motorhome is in flawless technical condition and without any defects that might cause an accident.

2. The lessor is not responsible for the lessee’s personal property left behind or forgotten in the motorhome.

3. In the event that, on the day of the rental, the motorhome is damaged or not roadworthy, a new rental period shall be agreed upon, or the lessor shall provide a full refund in the amount paid by the lessee.

4.  Okorn Matej s.p. bears no responsibility in any other case.


1. The lessor and the lessee shall use their best efforts to settle amicably all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or its interpretation. Failure to comply with the articles of this Agreement or any dispute may be settled in the District Court in Grosuplje, Slovenia.

Place and date:

Luče, 01/01/2022