Adria Lido A 49 DP (6 | 6 )

Treat yourself to a REAL vacation!

We have the latest motorhome on offer for you, distinguished by elegance, spaciousness, comfort and lightness!

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  • Height: 310 cm, width: 233 cm, length: 720 cm
  • Year: 2017
  • Engine: Ducato 2.3 JTD (131 HP)
  • Gearbox: 6 gears, manual
  • No. hom. seats: 6
  • Number of beds: 6
  • Clean water tank: 100 l
  • Garage door dimensions: 80×120 cm
  • Size of the bed in the back: 210×145 cm
  • Alcove bed: 210×140 cm
  • Bed in the sitting group: 190×103 cm
  • Large refrigerator with separate freezer: 150L

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Adria Lido A 49 DP | - motorhome rental

Air conditioning 220 V

Bicycle holder

Trum heating

Solar cell

Outdoor table and chairs

Kitchen utensils

Leveling substrates

Electrical extension cords

Water hose


Low season
€ 100per day
  • The price includes:
  • VAT
  • All standard and optional equipment
  • Compulsory and comprehensive insurance
  • Green card
  • Car assistance
  • Slovenian vignette
  • Motorhome preparation: 80 EUR (toilet chemicals, degradable toilet paper, gas, detailed explanation of the motorhome and test drive)

The rental price does not include:
Fuel, costs of tolls and parking fees, equipment not listed in the technical description of the vehicle, costs incurred in violation of road traffic or other regulations.

Deposit: 900 €.

We grant additional benefits to our company’s existing customers and longer leases.

Security deposit

At the latest when taking over the vehicle, the lessee must deposit a security deposit of EUR 1000 with the lessor to cover the following costs:

  • Deductible deductibles and loss of bonus in comprehensive insurance in the event of an accident.
  • Minor external and internal damage to the motorhome.
  • Missing equipment.
  • Delays in returning the vehicle.
  • Damages to the vehicle are not included in comprehensive insurance.
  • Travel costs for transporting the motorhome from the company’s headquarters to an authorized service center.

Vehicle cleaning

When you return the motorhome it should be cleaned (inside and out).

If the vehicle is not returned in such a state, the cleaning costs will be charged:

  • 20 € for external cleaning
  • 40 € for internal cleaning
  • 40 € for cleaning the toilet

All other conditions of vehicle rental (reservation, payments, security deposit, etc.) are described in more detail in the general conditions or lease agreement.