Dog joy

We would go to a dog race 🙂 Yeah you heard right.

For the weekend we would go to Hungary where we would compete with our puppies in bike biking and cannicross, but the best thing is that everyone could go, even our youngest 2 year old girl as the motorhome would offer us comfort and enjoyment all the way. We would enjoy the whole trip, sing songs and also draw and read something. We would stop at Lake Balaton and treat ourselves to a walk and light lunch in good weather.

Then we would head to the competition venue. There we would park in the parking lot intended for motorhomes. We relaxed and enjoyed the whole happening around us. Tired of everything, we would fall asleep sweetly in the evening and think about where the motorhome will take us the next day.

After a successful competition, the next day, we would head back home. We would stop again at some lake or landmark. Then they would return home full of all impressions.

This would be a really wonderful weekend 🙂