Time is running out, the boss is weighing, the road is crowded, the city is flooded with tourists.

Are we going to disconnect? Indeed!

Four people, four characters, four wishes, one country from Pomurje to the Adriatic. The journey begins.

Um, what to take with you? Swimwear, towels, čevape (but also a salad for our extra girl), šmarnca, ruzak and gojzarje and a lamp for the night discovery of the Soča Valley. And yes, we also didn’t forget the homemade sausage and beer when we set off in the middle of the night. We experience the sunrise in Prekmurje, the motorhome on the off, and we on the bike and discovering our extreme eastern borders. Then after a long trip across with our machine to all Slovenian regions. To Peca, Vršič, Kolpa and Soča. Morning on Duplek and wakeboard, afternoon in Raceland on go-kart.

This time we don’t care where we sleep, as our ‘house’ is always with us. At the top of a hill with a view or at the murmur of a river. In a place where, in addition to birds, we occasionally hear only the distant sound of a tractor. And where the morning sun invites us for a walk and to the next destination.

To conclude, we did not miss a single pedolinot and made a trip with him from San Simon to the lighthouse. We follow the last sunset from the Sečovlje salt pans, and then only on gas, so that the motorhome takes us to our home valleys.