Cycling and surfing in the middle of the Mediterranean

Sardinia with Capo Mannu represents the Italian history of surfing the waves. In the 80’s, Italian surfers also caught waves in Hawaii, America, Indonesia and Australia, thus spreading awareness of Italian surf culture and bringing knowledge home. Due to its location in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is exposed to the waves brought by the mistral from the northwest and the southern fronts from the African continent. The island is surrounded by many famous and hidden spots.

Sardinia just can’t brag about the biker scene. This is probably due to the Mediterranean Riviera from the Final of Liguria all the way to Nice and Monaco, which offers much more to enduro riders. However, the charm of Sardinian trails lies mainly in poor access, exceptional views, prickly macchia and thorns and the flow here and there, which can be found if you still care for a few scratches on your legs and arms.

Why a motorhome?
The east coast of Sardinia offers plenty of such and other camps. There are a few in the west as well, but they are so far away from surf spots and forest trails for cyclists that it is simply not worth anything other than renting a motorhome. Thanks to the team that took care of us with Dethleffs-Globebus.

Once you have packed all your sports, personal and kitchen equipment in the motorhome, the journey can begin. We spent a little more time organizing, but it paid off more on the day-to-day journey. Biker, diving, surfing and climbing equipment requires proper handling, drying and cleaning. Wheels and boards should be properly protected and fixed in the trunk to avoid unwanted costs. A clean and functional kitchen means a lot to us, so we took only the essentials on the road and bought food on the spot. There is no shortage of shops on the island, but it is necessary to buy a day or two in advance if you go to the west coast to more remote places.

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