On Boom with motorhome

We are a family vacationing at festivals. When the boys were younger, a personal car was enough to visit the nearest festival. We stumbled into a turana, a festival on the way.

But with the boys, our travel dimensions are also growing, and there is no limit to the imagination. Clear as daylight, we have long outgrown the car for our adventures, even if it seems spacious enough at first glance. Many different festivals take place throughout Europe during the summer. Fortunately, we are attracted to only a few, and there are some that are really good for a handful. Therefore, choosing where and when is not a problem.

The Boom Festival takes place in charming Portugal every two years. Therefore, we would take a motorhome to the east-central part of Portugal, to Lake Idanha-a-Nova, where the Boom festival takes place for a good week.

On the way to Portugal we would travel from northern Italy to Geneva and continue along the picturesque coast of Italy and then the southern coast of France through Monaco, Nice, Cannes and continue along the coastal strip of southern France all the way to Figueres in Spain. Dahlia. After lunch, we continue our journey through north-central Spain past Zaragoza and the capital Madrid. Maybe we can afford a short stop in Madrid, depending on fatigue and the current mood. We arrive at the Boom Festival site in the late evening, rest and find a suitable place for our temporary home the next morning.

We like to come to festivals at least a couple of days before or as soon as the festival doors open to the public, as it is difficult to get a good place for camping at such festivals, which is not too far from the venues and close to infrastructure. In addition, we really enjoy watching the preparations for the big event and the arrival of more and more people every hour. We like to capture what is going on behind the scenes of the festival to see how something is done and how much effort and work has been put into the last hours before the opening. Finally, when the ‘grand opening ceremony’ takes place and the action starts, there are performances by performers, jugglers, acrobatic performances, fire shows, workshops, lectures, dancing, music, good food and even endless queues waiting for toilets, drinks, shower, etc. However, while waiting in line, you quickly get involved in talking to people from all over the world, and then you get in line too quickly.

As well as a week of festival events passing too quickly. And what could be nicer when you know the journey doesn’t end there?

We are happy to move on, towards Lisbon and the coast of Portugal, where we settle somewhere secluded and enjoy a few days of peace by the sea, before setting off on new adventures that await us on the way home.

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